Seal Beach - 30 Minutes too Late

I am a huge fan of clouds in my pictures. The last couple of days it has been cloudy skies galore, but I did not find the time to go out and make pictures. Yesterday, I decided I would take the bull by the horns and go out and photography the sunset at Seal Beach. Unfortunately, I made this decision at 7:30 p.m,, and sunset was at 8:03 p.m.

Seal Beach Pier at night

Knowing that I drive really slow, I enlisted my wife to drive me to the beach to try and catch the sunset. Traffic was not cooperative and we did not arrive until 8:10 p.m., and I miss out on the sunset.

The blue clouds at Seal Beach

I decided to try and make the best of the situation and capture something. Overall, I am disappointed that I did not get my cloudy sunset that I envision, but I was able to get something because it became completely dark. Lesson learned is don't wait until the last minute to do something.