Robin Thicke Cover

Tuesday is one of my favorite days of the week because it is the day new music albums are released. Today was no different, Robin Thicke new album "Paula" came out and I was looking forward to this release. I have listen to this album multiple times and enjoy it a lot. Another thing that I like about the album is the cover. 

By Robin Thicke

I really like the expression and body language Robin is giving and the colors used. So in my great wisdom I decided that I wanted to try and recreate this cover. I was not really sure how the cover was made and I really didn't do any research because this ideal came to me in the middle of the night, so I went the route of trying to recreate in camera.  

For this project I used a total of 3 speedlights. My key light had a Rogue Grid attached with a red gel. I placed this 2 feet above my head and feather it slightly so it wouldn't hit the background.  

The next light had a Honl grid attached and it was aim directly at my torso. I placed a green and yellow gel on top of the grid. However, no matter how much I tried I couldn't get the yellow to show, so I just ended up using 2 green gels. 

The last light I used it as a rim light just to get a little separation from the background. This light had a Rogue softbox attached and I gel this light green also. This light was a little tricky because it added too much light to the background. I ended up placing this light almost directly behind my should so the light wouldn't spill on the background. 

The torso and rim light were set one stop under the key light. I had the key light set at a 1/4 power. The picture was shot at f/4 1/250 sec and ISO 200 on my Canon 60D and triggered by a wireless remote. 

I am still not sure how they made the actual cover but I am happy with my results. However, next time I get a bright ideal I am not going to be the model. 

Thanks for reading.