Amazing Allysen

This Amazing Allysen doll has been locked away in the closet for about five years. My sister received this gift for Christmas but it creeped her out and she never played with it again. I decided to make use of this doll and give it as a gag gift to my brother because he showed interest after I told him the story behind the doll.

He was delighted to receive the doll and his creative juices began the flow. He came up with a movie ideal that he wants to shoot and he asked if I could shoot some pictures of the doll to capture the feel of the movie.

I wanted to capture the feel of a horror movie, so I knew I was going to go dark and light the doll from underneath. I used two speedlghts and a rogue flash bender. The key light was placed directly underneath the doll with the flash bender and the other light was placed behind the doll with a red gel.

This was a happy accident. I turned off the backlight and held the flash with the flash bender above the doll. This became my favorite from the entire shoot.

After the head shots I wanted to get some standing pictures. I learned that Amazing Allysen does not stand up very well on her own which created some problems. I prop the doll on the box and tried to shoot at an angle where you really could not tell it was being propped up and gave the appearance of walking. For these I had the flash position camera left on my tripod and a flash located behind the doll.

I did not tell my brother I was doing the shoot, so I surprise him and put the pictures on his desktop. When he turned on his computer he got a rude awakening. He was happy with the results and he will begin production of his film in the near future, I will keep everyone updated.