Double Exposure Metro

While reading Issue 31 of Adore Noir magazine, I came across photographer's, Birka Wiedmaier, Moscow Metro project. She used double exposure photography to document Moscow's metro system. The images she captured were beautiful and it inspired me to give it shot.

I used a Fujifilm x30 to document my morning commute using double exposure and these are the resulting images. 

Double exposure photography is not easy by any stretch but it was a fun assignment and I may incorporate more in my daily photography.

San Diego

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of traveling to San Diego, California with my friend and fellow photographer, Josh Daniels. Josh who is from California but currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona orchestrated the entire trip.

I've only been to San Diego a couple of times and this was my first trip with a fellow photographer. It was a great adventure and here are some of my favorite pictures from the trip.

I love backlit pictures and when I saw these trees I knew right away that I had a black and white picture I would be happy with.

One of my favorite images from Balboa Park, I posted the black and white version on my Instagram account, so I decided to post the color version here. 

After Balboa Park, we headed to the harbor and took some pictures of the sunset.

I can't thank Josh enough for inviting me on this trip. I have heard so much about Balboa Park and now I know why it is so popular, however there were a lot of photographers, I mean a lot of 

I look forward for the next adventure. For this trip I used a 7d Mark II with a Sigma 10-20mm or Canon 35mm f/2. My Sigma 17-50mm was being used by someone